Introducing Miss Intercontinental Canada 2020

Kaitlyn Li from Toronto, Ontario

Kaitlyn’s platform is to bring the opportunity of learning and self-help to EVERY children/youth around the world through many initiatives with Canada Youth Funding Association, a non-profit aimed to better the educational and learning experience around Canada and hopefully the world one day.

Kaitlyn was raised in Toronto, Ontario but unlike any ordinary girl Kaitlyn was born one of three fraternal all girl triplets. Yes! there is 2 other girls on this earth that looks just like her! Kaitlyn and her sisters founded their non – profit Canada Youth funding association when they were 13 in hopes of uniting all children to learn, grow, educate, experience, and create anything their hearts desire. Born into a large immigrant Chinese – Canadian family, Kaitlyn’s upbringing was like no others , at a very young age Kaitlyn understood family and that “Selflessness” is the most important thing!

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